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What do we do?

 We love the earth as much as those who live in it, about 10 billion trees are lost a year to make things like paper, towels, toilet paper and etc. When the trees are cut down we lose oxygen purification systems that can not be replaced.Trees are also food for animals and humans alike. People need trees, since there is a lot of pollution these days it would be a really dangerous world if there were only a few trees. For example, the air would be poisonous because of the gases from cars and machines, the ground would be so dirty that nothing would grow, and the water would get too polluted to drink. But there is a solution, bamboo, you see bamboo can grow really fast and is easily grown. By using bamboo a lot of trees can grow back after they're cut and do not worry about pandas, bamboos that we use are a different type from what pandas usually eat.     

 In the future we hope to replace the normal plastic wrapping that pollutes so much of the world into a much more organic material that is biodegradable. Saving The Environment | Dream Bight

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Our Background

How We Got Our Start

I started this company, because I’m very passionate about helping people, animals and nature.

Working as a nurse assistant at the hospital made me realize how big of an issue polluted air and lack of clean oxygen really is. Seeing more and more patients with allergies and asthma pushed me to do some research on the problem. In the process I’ve discovered that trees play a huge role in making clean air for the whole planet to breathe. And if we don’t start taking care of them, then our health will continue to decline. I prayed and thought for a long time about what I can personally do to help the trees and in the process nature itself. And soon God gave me an amazing idea on how to do that! We need to find an alternative to using trees for toilet paper and use the profits to plant more trees in place of those that were destroyed either by human hands or a natural disaster. Bamboo is a great alternative, because it grows very fast and can be used for a lot more than just toilet paper. But we all must work together. Let’s make our planet clean and green again!


Our Products

Made with love to Earth, Animals and People.


Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper

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Dream Bight will do more for you than you expect. Do you have a question, comment or request? Contact us, we will be happy to help you, or get to know us at amazon.com, thank you!

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